Contract for IRAP Survey of the Road Network

Under the Federation Road Sector Modernization Programme, Contract for provision of Consultancy Services for IRAP Survey of the Road Network has been signed today. 

Contract for IRAP Survey of the Road Network thumb thumb

The main objective of these services is to establish Star Rating, perform Risk Mapping and identify SRIPs for the 2,137 km of the main roads network within the FB&H that will pave the way for the Client and FB&H to effectively plan and manage road safety issues within the main roads network, and consequently enable improved road infrastructure conditions as one of the major components of road traffic safety.

Contract was signed by the General Manager of the PC Roads of the FBiH, Ljubo Pravdić, on behalf of the Client and representative of Fakultet prometnih znanosti Zagreb, Tomislav Josip Mlinarić, on behalf of the Consultant.

The value of the contract is EUR 196.003,00 EUR (no VAT included) and it will be financed from the IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and EIB (European Investment Bank) credit funds.