Sava River Basin Agency and Adriatic Sea Watershed Agency

PC Roads of the FBiH needs information and competences of the watershed agencies in planning and drafting designs of new roads and providing risk assessment of the existing road network. Agencies are providers of flood data and statistics, which are important when planning climate resilient new infrastructure and providing flooding risk assessment of the existing roads. 

Sava River Basin Agency

Adriatic Sea Watershed Agency

The river basin agencies are dedicated to providing a good basis in data – measurements and statistics. Here are the main information sources:

  • The Water Management Strategy of the Federation BiH (2010 - 2020) has defined water management policy in the territory of the Federation. The strategy should provide the basis for policy of water management of the Federation, and determine the course of action in terms of water protection, protection from adverse effects of water and sustainable water use;
  • Provision on types and contents of plans for protection from adverse effect of waters
    (Official Gazette, No. 26/2009);
  • Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment, 2013, Regulation on types and contents of plans for protection from adverse effect of waters (Official Gazette of the FBiH, No. 70/06). Preliminary risk assessment is prepared on the basis of available and collected information on areas where significant flood risk was identified. The goal of PFRA is to define areas where the risks associated with floods are significant. For these areas, the scope and degree of risk will be further assessed after the preliminary assessment. Where risk is shown to be significant, management measures will be prepared to reduce the flood risk. Preliminary flood risk assessment is divided into four books.
  • Book 1 and 2 containing provisions and flood maps for watershed areas category I,
  • Books 3 and 4 - provisions and flood maps for watershed areas category II.
  • Federal Operative Plan for Flood Defence” (FOP) was published in December 2015, in the Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, with an extensive technical annex published on the web. The plan states responsibilities and actions in the time before a forecasted flood, during flood and in the recovery period after the flood. The FOP is made for areas classified as I category watershed. It treats separately areas with and without control structures/ objects. The information provided for each area is: a map of flooding, a list of settlements and parts of settlements that may be flooded, and water levels requiring action in the form of continuous information of responsible agencies and persons.
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Figure: 100-year and 500-year flood lines for main road M-17, section Karuše – Ozimica