Federal Hydro-Meteorological Institute

Federal Hydro-Meteorological Institute (FHMZ) is one of the most important partners to adapt to the climate changes. PC Roads needs information of current weather and weather forecasts planning, design, operation and risk assessment of roads. FHMT provides on regular basis meteorological and hydrological information through their website www.fhmzbih.gov.ba. Roads and road structures need to be design in order to resist to climate changes they are about to be exposed during their life cycle. 

In addition, a website dealing with the Federal Operative Plan for Flood Defence provides information on meteorological and hydrological data: www.fop.fhmzbih.gov.ba

FHMZ is in the process of publishing its Climate Atlas – a compilation of mapped climate data for the reference period 1961-1990, and from all available climate stations in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more information please see http://atlasklime.fhmzbih.gov.ba/bs/risk-assessment

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Climate Atlas of the FBiH and Interactive map of climate changes. Click on the picture to access the interactive map.